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Metadata Wednesday

Every once and a while, I get in the mood to post some metadata about my blog.  I last did this at the end of April when I hit my 700th post.  I was thinking about waiting until 800 to do it again, but here I am at 792 and I got just a bit impatient.

So, here’s some new metadata.

First, the summer is always a slow time for the blog.  Over the last 150 days, I received 7008  visits or about 47 hits a day according to Google Analytics.  These unique visits accounted for 10,047 page views or about 67 page views per day (or 1.43 views per visit).  The analytics provided by TypePad claim about 1,800 more page views (11, 903), so as per usual, web analytics is a precise, but rather in exact science.  The numbers reflect the summer lull, for the previous 5 months, I recorded 9,139 unique visitors and 14,559 views.  Overall, I am still hanging just under 80 page views a day.

Here’s the traditional map of Archaeology of the Mediterranean World visitors:


The top 10 countries: US, Greece, UK, Canada, Italy, Australia, France, Germany, India, and Cyprus.  In the US, the top 10 states were North Dakota, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Florida, Texas, Washington, Illinois, and Michigan.

More interesting, perhaps, to my readers interested in technology is the browser data:

Firefox: 46%
Internet Explorer: 28%
Chrome: 11%
Safari: 10%
Opera: 3%

As a number of observers have noted, Chrome is digging into Firefox’s share.  Last time I ran numbers (from October 2009 – April 2010), Firefox accounted for 53% of the browser share and Chrome was 6%.  It’s interesting that since that time Internet Explorer and Safari has more or less held steady and Opera has more than doubled it share.

Over the same span of time, the different operating systems of the computers accessing my blog have not shifted much:

Windows: 72%
Mac: 23%
Linux: 2.5%

iPhone: 0.8%
iPad: 0.7%
iPod: 0.2%
Android: 0.2%
Blackberry: 0.1%

Linux has grown, and there have been notable shifts in the number of people accessing my blog from mobile devices with iPhone, iPod, and iPad showing marked increases as well as Android (but the overall number of views on these devices has remained small).

So that’s where my blog is in the metadata university.  It’s a far cry from the first few times I reported on metadata at 100 posts and at 2500 (!!) hits.

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