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Friday Quick Hits and Varia

It’s a rainy and dreary Friday.  So just a modest list of quick hits:

  • I put in my tenure application yesterday.  This is the first page of it to give you an idea of the number forms, and forms about forms, and forms summarizing the work summarized on other forms. I found it too difficult to include my blog in the official paperwork for tenure, but I think it will lurk in the background to some extent.
  • The future of reading.
  • This is a pretty fantastic site that considers computers as historical objects.
  • A little press for my Fall of the Roman Empire class.
  • There will be some announcement regarding this post in the next few weeks.
  • There are two people who I follow on Facebook whose posts are so amazing to me that I want to collect them and create a Tumblr of them.  They’re models of what not to say as an academic in a new job or searching for a job.  But they’re also a kind of poetry of frustration and professional unawareness that make them somehow more wholesome and honest.
  • This is a great weekend for sports: Formula One, NASCAR at Richmond, great college football, first weekend of the NFL, and some great baseball pennant races.
  • What I’m reading: L. Revell, Roman Imperialisms and Local Identities. (Cambridge 2009)
  • What I’m listening to: The Urinals, Negative Capability… Check it Out!, The Minutemen, Acoustic Blowout.
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