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A Few Quick Hits at the End of a Busy Week

Not much in the way of time to explore the interwebs lately, but a few heres and theres:

  • I’ve been thinking about Sprawl especially as I listen to Arcade Fire’s new album.  I re-read William Gibson’s Count Zero this past summer (on the flight to Cyprus, in fact) and it is among Gibson’s “Sprawl Trilogy” along with Neuromancer and Mona-Lisa Overdrive.  These books inspired Sonic Youth‘s track Sprawl (from Daydream Nation) and this track may or may not have come to inspire the penultimate song on Arcade Fire’s album the recent album Suburbs (for what appears to be a reference to this, check out this otherwise ordinary review in Spin). 
  • Tim Carmody one of my favorite New Media Academic Hipsters is blogging this week at kottke.org. If you don’t already check out his usual blog, Snarkmarket, on a regular basis, you should.  He edited one of the more clever (and probably fleeting) little collections of reflections on the New Media entitled the New Liberal Arts.  UND almuni and New Media Design Hipster, Rex Sorgatz, contributed.
  • World Archaeology has a nice collection of assorted article on ‘archaeology and contemporary society’.  It has a cool introduction by John Schofield, who I think is pretty bright.  I haven’t read much of it yet, but did notice that there were no articles on archaeology and music (via Dimitri Nakassis).  Punk Archaeology remains untapped.
  • And more teaching news, Anne Kelsch, the Director of University of North Dakota’s Office of Instructional Development (and the patron of Teaching Thursday) is now on Twitter complementing the Office of Instructional Development’s own Twitter feed OIDatUND.  So you can see the leading edge of our new social media presence.  Which brings me to…
  • Checked out the most recent Teaching Thursday?  It’s fantastic!
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