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The Next Project…

By the end of this week, I’ll be back in Greece continuing a long-standing project and initiating a new collaboration.  Next week, I’ll be working at the Ohio State Excavations at Isthmia with Steve Ellis’s East Isthmia Archaeology Project.  The project focuses on the mysterious East Field at Isthmia.  The East Field is a tangles mass of walls of various dates and has puzzled archaeologists from its initial excavation in the 1970s.

Over the past 5 years, Ellis’ team has replanned the East Field and established a new relative chronology of the walls.  At the same time, I’ve been working on (re)digitizing the context data from the Ohio State Excavations at Isthmia and integrating it with the various inventoried finds from the various parts of the site.  Our hope for  this summer is that we’ll be able to bring together Ellis’ relative chronology of the walls with some parts of my  digitized finds database to determine whether the ceramic data can contribute a more precise chronology to stratigraphic dating of the walls.

I also hope that my time at Isthmia will help me come to terms with what I’d need to do to digitize all of the inventoried finds.  From my understanding, the finds inventory is primarily stored on index cards at the Isthmia excavation house.  These cards contain the basic chronology, typological, and stratigraphic context for artifacts ranging from inscriptions, to lamps, pottery, architectural fragments, and various metal objects.  My feeling is that it would be inefficient to attempt to key the data from these cards at Isthmia.  My plan right now is to figure out a way to very efficiently create images of each card so that the data can be keyed back in the US.  I am hoping to discover a way to photograph batches of the cards quickly.

My work with the finds data is part of larger and quite diffuse effort to digitize most of the archaeological records from Isthmia.  Jon Frey has been working to digitize the notebooks and produce a new site plan, and my hope is that my finds data will integrate smoothly into his efforts.

During my time in Greece, I’ll be staying at the Corinth Excavations in Ancient Corinth.  Despite working in the Corinthia for almost 15 years, this will be the first time that I’ve ever stayed at the Corinth Excavation hostel.  I am almost giddy.

More from the field as my adventures develop!

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