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Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s a rainy Friday before a (hopefully) sunny weekend, so we have some fun varia and quick hits to get your day going right.

  • A nice response to my short review of T. Huston’s Teaching What You Don’t Know.  There is nothing more humbling than advising graduate or undergraduate research. Student research consistently reminds me how much I don’t know even in my own field and energizes me with new and refreshing approaches to familiar topics. Most importantly, however, student research reinforces the importance of process in my own work.  It makes me want to be more systematic, more organized, more exhaustive.
  • Punk Archaeology is back.  I have a couple of most posts brewing in my brain. But the blog might not last for much longer, so if you haven’t checked it out, it’s probably best to do it now.  And fear not, something else is in the works.
  • I started using HootSuite this week (instead of Tweetdeck).  While I appreciate the aesthetic of Tweetdeck and actually like the Adobe Air built interface, it may be the Hootsuite is more useful as I look to juggle several Twitter accounts this fall.  So it’s Hootsuite on my laptop, Seesmic on my Android Phone, and Tweetdeck on my iPad.  But to read my social media on my iPad nothing beats Flipboard.  For a cool little review of it, check out this post on ProfHacker.
  • I also purchased a copy of MarsEdit this week. I’ve been looking for blogging software for my Mac that would rival the simplicity and ease of Window’s Life Writer.  I tried Ecto for a year and found it just a bit too quirky for my taste. (Actually, I was annoyed that I could not change the font size of the text I was writing without changing the size of the font in the blog).  I like MarsEdit better.
  • As an historian with a serious professional interest in archaeology housed in a history department, I am increasingly aware of how the professional credentials amassed in my strange interdisciplinary space do not neatly align with those of my colleagues.  For example, I do not get any explicit credit for running my own archaeological project and my collaborative publications (often with 3 or more authors) – standard practice among archaeologists – does not look like the more solitary scholarly efforts of my colleagues.  In any event, I was interested to see how closely my work fits into the new set of best practices for Public History recently approved by the AHA, OAH, et c.  Check out the details and commentary at Found History.
  • This is a cool article on how to use Kickstarter to fund a publishing project.  It gets me thinking about Phase Two of Punk Archaeology.
  • Marcos Ambrose is leaving JTG Daugherty Racing at the end of this year.  I hope he manages to upgrade his ride.  Rumor has it that he might move over to fill one of the two vacated seats at Petty Racing.
  • England v. Pakistan will show whether Pakistan is really that good or Australia is really that bad.  So far, England appears committed to keeping things interesting.
  • What I’m Reading: R. Price, trans, The Acts of the Council of Constantinople of 553 : with related texts on the Three Chapters Controversy. (Liverpool 2009); Hesperia 79.2; M.T. Fournier, The Minutemen’s Double Nickels on the Dime. (New York 2009)
  • What I’m listening to: The Minutemen, Double Nickels on the Dime.
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