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Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s another beautiful Friday morning in the Archaeology of the Mediterranean World Blogcast area.  So it seems like a good time for another exuberant gaggle of quick hits and varia:

  • Melissa Terras’ Digitial Humanities 2010 Plenary talk (Present, Not Voting: Digital History in the Panopticon) is among the best, recent “state-of-the-field” talks about Digital Humanities.  It is equal parts optimism and critique and any digital humanities project could take something away from it.
  • Harvard’s Center of Geographic Analysis, AfricaMap is a nice combination of of GIS, online distribution, gobs of data, and a user-friendly interface. It’s not overly flashy and has all the feel of something that almost anyone with a modest budget, time, and data could do (in other words, accessible), and at the same time is built on a robust, and “lightly” customized Open Source foundation.  The spelling mistakes on the “About” page actually add charm.
  • Apparently the colon, the punctuation mark not that body part, has come under some intense scrutiny lately.  The changing role of punctuation in the media has an almost immediate “trickle down” influence into how students use punctuation.  The new evil: the rise of the jumper colon.
  • I missed some things being out of the country.  Here is Yannis Hamilakis’ most recent thoughts on post-colonialism and archaeology: “Are we Postcolonial Yet? Tales from the Battlefield“. It was delivered at the Theoretical Archaeology Group meeting in May.
  • I’ve follow enough cricket to know that this match won’t get more interesting, but I am still naive enough to think that Pakistan could put together some kind of rally and do something spectacular.  As of lunch on day 4, Pakistan is chasing 439 (!!) and are now 224 back with a second innings of 216/4.  I know, it’ll never happen, but it’s a beautiful Friday and there is no harm keeping an eye on the score, right?
  • I am listening to three somewhat interesting freebies from World Around Records lable: Naturetone’s Nihon, Louis Mackey’s Destroyer of All Things (if for no other reason than it’s awesome, throwback, album cover), and J. Dante’s EP Destiny.  All are worth a download, listen, and chill.
  • I am reading: S. Friesen, D. Schowalter, J. Walters, Corinth in Context: comparative studies on religion and society. (Brill 2010); C. Nadia Seremetakis, The Last Word: Women, Death, and Divination in Inner Mani. (Chicago 1991); and M. Trachtenberg, The Craft of International History: A Guide to Method. (Princeton 2006).
  • This is pretty funny.  The Old Spice Guy (and concept) has received a good bit of buzz lately.  Too bad for Tony Stewart.

Have a good weekend!

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