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Provisional Discard at the Larnaka Museum Apotheke

Due to a bit of a paperwork issue and a series of British holidays, we have not been able to get the students in our field should out to our site.  While there is plenty of work to do at the museum where we are gaining momentum in processing artifacts, we are still working to find ways to get our students to flex their fieldwork brain-muscles.  In other words, we hope to find ways to get the students to think archaeologically on a larger and more complex scale than the individual artifact. 

One of the suggestions that I made was that we could get the students working on the amazing assemblage of material present just outside the museum storerooms.  Unlike the “archaeological” material in the storerooms, the assemblage of stuff in the storage area’s courtyard represents a whole range of storage and discard practices.  While documenting and studying the various objects, stored, and discarded used by the local archaeological establishment may seem to some (of my colleagues) as a classic example of busywork, I think that it would be a great exercise in archaeological description.

It also is an interesting opportunity to consider the remains of a wide range of archaeological and conservation practices.  As archaeology comes to play a more and more prominent role in the presentation and performance of the modern state, we have to assume an increasing amount of recovered archaeological material itself re-entering new archaeological contexts.





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