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First days on Pyla-Koutsopetria 2010

I've made it to Cyprus, but my bag has not. Inside this bag is the massive power brick for my computer, so for the time being, I am reduced to using my iPad as my primary computer. As various pundits have observed, the iPad is much better suited for consuming media than its production. In other words, my blog posts will be short.
On the positive side, the flight gave me an opportunity to read Michael Given's most recent article on The Ottoman landscape of Cyprus (Given and Hadjianastatsis, BMGS 34 (2010), 38-60. Drawing on textual and archaeological evidence, Given and Hadjianastasis reconstruct segments of the Ottoman period Cypriot landscape looking at history of a series of villages on the northern slope of the Troodos mountains.
I also read Charles A. Stewart on the 8th century vaulted churches of Cyprus, particularly those on the Karpas (JSAH 69 (2010), 162-189). These buildings represent an important, albeit local, transitional step between wood-roofed basilicas and more centrally planned, vaulted or even domed structures.
Finally, we've begun to introduce the students to our work in the museum, the local topography, and local sites. So far the students and staff are filled with early season energy and enthusiasm. Stay tuned!!

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