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Another, Better Attempt at Dream Archaeology

For those of you in the Grand Forks Metropolitan Area this evening, I am giving a talk at the North Dakota Museum of Art in the Faculty Lecture Series. The talk starts at 4:30 with a reception from 4:00. Considering my post yesterday, I promise to include only a few illustrative slides using The Powerpointer.

My talk is entitled Dream Archaeology and represents the third version of my efforts to come to terms with this subject. Unlike earlier versions, I think that I problematize my paper somewhat better and add a bit of flair (mostly because I am going to present it to relatively diverse audience). If you doubt my efforts to make my paper better you can (although I don’t recommend it) read the first draft here, read the second draft here, and contemplate my third draft below:

Caraher Dream Archaeology 2010 http://d1.scribdassets.com/ScribdViewer.swf?document_id=30697799&access_key=key-21c1iybbuqhac3sqcieh&page=1&viewMode=list   
For more on Dream Archaeology without leaving the comfortable informality of the blog, see below:

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Dream Archaeology in the Early Christian West
Blindness, Dreams, and Relics
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More Byzantine Dreams…
Dreams, Pausanias, and Archaeology
Dreams, Inventio, and Archaeology

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