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Metadata Monday: 700 posts

This is my 700th blog post and so it seemed like a good time to aggregate and reflect on some metadata.

The blogs received on average 79 page views a day and over its three year life I’ve had 87,657 page views. Over the past 120 days, however, I’ve had well over 100 page views a day. I set as a goal (and I am not really sure why I have goals for things like this) to have 100 page views a day; now that I have that, I think I’ll aim for 1000 page views a week. I’ve had 373 comments over the lifetime of the blog. My bounce rate is a respectable 75.8%. The average time on site is 1 minute 13 seconds and visitors look at 1.50 pages.

65% of my visitors are first time visitors and this has held pretty steady over the past couple of years. That means that 35% of you like what you read enough to come back! What’s pretty cool is that over 20% of my visitors return more than 9 times.


Since my first post, I’ve had visitors from 149 countries with the US, Greece, the UK, Canada, Italy, Australia, France, Germany, Cyprus and Denmark as the top 10.


I also have had visitors from all 50 states with California, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, Florida, and New Jersey as the top 10.

The top referring blogs are the usual suspects with some new additions:
Thanks to everyone who links to my blog. I love that this list of blog reflects so many of my research interests. I’ve also seen a pronounced uptick in referrals from both Twitter and Facebook. It seems that the social network is beginning to exert some influence on who reads my blog.
I haven’t posted any browser and viewer data since October 2009, here’s an update on that kind of thing since that post.
Operating Systems:
Windows: 74.11%
Macintosh: 23.20%
Linux: 1.78%
iPhone: 0.46%
iPod: 0.08%
iPad: 0.05%
Android: 0.03%
Windows continues to decline among the readers of my blog and Macintosh continues to grow. It’s remarkable to think that from 2007-2008 Windows accounted for 82% of my readers and Macintosh only 16.5%!
Firefox: 52.95%
IE: 27.97%
Safari: 9.51%
Chrome: 6.14%
Opera: 1.78%
Firefox continues to be the most popular browser and by increasingly margins over Internet Explorer. It’s remarkable that from 2007-2008, Internet Explorer accounted for 45.05% of traffic to my blog; now it accounts for less than 30%. Chrome continues to become more popular and, it would seem, that Opera has steadily become less popular. This is a shame since the newest Opera browser for Mac is a sound alternative to Safari and far better than Chrome for OS X.
As I noted last October, I do think that my statistics speak to the particular niche in academic culture that my blog occupies. Computer savvy archaeologists and historians probably gravitate toward Macs and use Firefox.
Thanks for taking the time to visit this blog. I’m looking forward to the next 700 posts.
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  1. Evan Nelson
    April 26, 2010 at 9:11 am

    Congrats on 700; that’s a thing to be proud of, too. I sometimes wonder how much of the internet is blogs with less than ten posts.

  2. April 26, 2010 at 11:00 am

    Noice One! That is quite an accomplishment – may there be many more posts!

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