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Creating Ruins: Formation Process Pictures from Lakka Skoutara

One of the most exciting things about our recent efforts to produce an online archive of images from the rural site of Lakka Skoutara is that it is now possible to track the processes that have created the ruins visible today.  It’s remarkable how much the houses have broken down over just a decade of observation.  Click on the images of the houses to get access to the archive itself (powered by Omeka) and selective Dublin Core metadata.

House 3 represents one of the most dramatic changes over 8 years time. Once the roof collapses, the walls fall down fairly quickly.  The fieldstone and mud mortar addition on House 3 below collapses much more quickly than the modern cinder block and concrete.  It’s interesting that the end walls on the house remain standing, but I suppose unsurprising since they bear very little of the roof’s weight. 





The change in house 2 is equally dramatic, but here you’ll notice some little editing issues.  For example, in many cases the images scanned from slides are backwards.  Note that between 2001 and 2002, the tiles of the house were removed and as a result the roof gives way quickly. 





The plan with this project is not only to create a resource where students and scholars can observe the way that buildings break down over time.  Be sure to check out the growing archive here.  The plan is to add some maps and plans as well as some more pictures over the next few weeks so it is always worth stopping back through the archive.  I’ll also likely move the working papers over to my Omeka page soon as well.

For more on this project:

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  1. Maddy
    April 25, 2010 at 2:35 pm

    This is very cool. Thanks Bill!

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