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Ryan Stander’s Topos/Chora: Online Edition

We are very pleased to announce that the Online Edition of Ryan Stander’s photography exhibition Topos/Chora: The Photographs of the Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project is now live. The online exhibit includes over 60 photographs most of which are not appearing in Ryan’s gallery show at the Empire Arts Center (which continues through the end of February). In addition, to the photographs we have included a whole bunch of bonus features:

  • An interview with the photographer
  • A collection of reflective essays written by participants of the project in response to both Ryan’s photographs and the landscape at Pyla-Koutsopetria.
  • The trailer for an upcoming documentary directed by Ian Ragsale and based on our field work in Cyprus
  • An experimental, audio experience called Trench Sounds.

We are tremendously excited about Ryan’s work and we hope that these photographs spur further reflection both by PKAP team members, but also by people interested in landscape, photography, and archaeology more broadly. We hope to update the site from time to time if new material becomes available.

The website was developed using a brilliant application from George Mason’s Center for History and the New Media called Omeka. My public history interns — Chris, Gust, Sara McIntee, Kathy Nedergaard — prepared the metadata, layout, and proofing of the photographs and text. Support for their work and for the installation and maintenance of Omeka comes from the Working Group in Digital and New Media. Ryan’s work in Cyprus was supported by the Dean of the Graduate School at the University of North Dakota and the whole team at the Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project   Feed back is always welcome!

The site is best viewed with any browser other than Internet Explore (Opera, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari!).


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