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City, Village, Monastery Podcasts from the Modern Greek Studies Association Meeting

I’ve posted podcasts from our panel at the Modern Greek Studies Association Meeting at our Squinch page. Since I haven’t blogged about Squinch much lately, it’s probably useful to remind my readers that it is the official website of the Archaeology of the Medieval and Post-Medieval Mediterranean Interest Group of the Archaeological Institute of America. We post our meeting minutes there, maintain (or not) a very out of date membership list, and post other bits of interesting new for interest group members. The most valuable thing about the site, however, is a little section of podcasts.

We could do better with these. In fact, since our interest group was founded, we have organized panels at the annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America three times (counting this coming year), at the Byzantine Studies Conference (in 2007), and now at the MGSA meeting, but have only prepared podcasts for a few of these events. Moreover, members of the interest group have undoubtedly given numerous lectures around the world and only one, Timothy Gregory’s lecture at the Gennadius Library in 2008 appears on the page.

As the acting web master for Squinch and the Medieval and Post-Medieval Interest Group, I’d encourage any member who gives a public talk to consider recording it and sending it along so that we can continue to expand our collection of podcasts. The only equipment that you need is a little hand held recorder (generally costing less than $80). I generally edit the podcasts using Audacity, a free audio editing program that is nearly intuitive to use.

For those of you too busy to follow the link to the podcasts in this blog post, I’ve made the talks available here:

1. Athens in the 19th Century: Archaeological Landscapes and Competing Pasts
Effie Athanassopoulos, University of Nebrask-Lincoln


2. Ancient Corinth from the Ottoman Empire to the Archaeologists
Amelia Brown, Princeton University

3. Between Sea and Mountain: The Archaeology of a 20th-Century ‘Small World’ in the Upland Basins of the Southeastern Korinthia
William R. Caraher, University of North Dakota, David K. Pettegrew, Messiah College, Timothy E. Gregory, Ohio State University Excavations at Isthmia and Lita Tzortzopoulou-Gregory, Ohio State University Excavations at Isthmia

4. The Sacred Grip: Landscape, Art and Architecture in Mount Menoikeion (19th-20th Centuries)
Nikolas Bakirtzis, The Cyprus Institute, Kostis Kourelis Franklin and Marshall College, and Matthew Milliner, Princeton University

Next time you give a talk some place, consider recording it and passing it along to me to post at the Squinch website!

  1. November 8, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    I thought it worth pointing out the fact that these podcasts reveal that Bill’s presentation is just 7 seconds over the officially allotted 20 minutes. That’s both very rare and quite impressive.

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