Teaching and Lecture Thursday

Two quick posts today rolled into one.

First, a Teaching Thursday must read: Anne Kelsch’s thoughtful post on the Cost of a Cheap Education.  Her post is a critical response to a recent article in Washington Monthly which speculated on the disruptions to American systems of college and university education if it became possible to offer “College for $99 a Month“.  Anne’s post is a call to reconsider the purpose of higher education in the U.S. Join the conversation by posting a comment! Or, if you have a bigger idea, drop me a line about authoring a post on Teaching Thursday.

Second, if you haven’t succumbed to media saturation, then you probably know that Michael Fronda of McGill University will be speaking today at 4 pm, in the East Asia Room of the Chester Fritz Library.  His talk is entitled “Anarchy, Rivalry, and the Beginnings of the Roman Empire“.  A small reception will follow the talk.  My sense is that there will be a good crowd on hand, so, it wouldn’t hurt to come early, just in case.  The talk is sponsored by the Department of History, The Department of Political Science and Public Administration, and the title sponsor is the Cyprus Research Fund.  The talk fits into the goals of the Cyprus Research Fund by working to introduce students and faculty to cutting edge research in the study of the Mediterranean World.  Complementing, Prof. Fronda’s talk will be a preview exhibition of photographs taken the Pyla-Koustopetria Archaeological Project”s Artist-in-Residence, Ryan Stander entitled Topos/Chora.  For information on how to contribute to the fund and support these and other events both in Cyprus and in North Dakota, check out our support page.

See you at the talk!

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