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Friday Quick Hits and Varia

A late Friday post on a sunny Friday morning (in my new office):

  • I can't help but wonder how long we're going to see articles on the role of Facebook (and other social networking sites) in the construction of academic careers.  Here's another.
  • Ok, I know that I am rather late on this, but Kickstarter is a really cool idea.  I wonder if it's worth the effort to try to get an invitation.
  • Credit where it is due.  The ISP wall is still standing in O'Kelly hall in all it's glory.  Perhaps the dean has reconsidered?
  • I am now in my spacious and spectacular new office.  More on that next week!
  • Opera 10 is great.  Recently Firefox 3.5 and Blackboard 8 have not played well together on my Mac.  So, I've adopted Opera 10 as my new browser for Blackboard.  Not only does it speed up our sluggish Blackboard interface, but so far, it has eliminated all the problems that I had on Firefox.
  • When the Dean of The Graduate School, Joey Benoit blogs, people listen (and read!).  Yesterday, Dean Benoit's post on Teaching Thursday blew up with close to 70 page visits to read our weekly post.  I hope some of this momentum carries forward and readers come back every Thursday!
  • University of North Dakota versus Texas Tech.  Welcome to Division I.  (Let's put it this way: it won't even be on TV here in Grand Forks).  If you want, you can listen to it LIVE on the internet radiophone.
  • If you haven't celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue by listening to it rendered in 8-bit electronic tones as Kind of Bloop, then you are really missing something special.
  • Follow one of our Ph.D. students in History here at UND through his blog Doctoral Bliss.
  • If you aren't following me on Twitter, you really should.
  1. September 14, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    Thanks for the plug Bill.

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