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Teaching Thursday: Historiography

I am teaching both a graduate historiography class this semester and our undergraduate methods and historiography class (cleverly named The Historians’ Craft).  I’ve modified both classes over the past year. 

In my graduate historiography class, I’ve beefed up the “background” section of the course using three books to introduce the students to broader discourse of historiography: R. G. Collingwood, The Idea of History; J. Appleby, L. Hunt, M. Jacob, Telling the Truth about History; E. Clark, History, Theory, Text.  I open with these three books over the first three weeks to give the students a basis for reading a more traditional gaggle of books central to how we conceive of history as a discipline today. Here’s the syllabus.

For my Historians’ Craft class, I’ve decided to move it away from a standard undergraduate style seminar.  I outline my thinking about revisions here and here. Here’s the syllabus.

This being Thursday and all, there is more.  It’s Teaching Thursday, right?  We got the Dean of The Graduate School over at the Teaching Thursday Blog, Joseph Benoit, talking about graduate mentoring.  Check it out.

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