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Teaching Thursday: Go Check out the Teaching Thursday Blog!

As I am up to my something in prepping my two new classes right now, I am going to simply direct you over to our Teaching Thursday blog where my colleague, Cindy Prescott, has made the first post in our “New Future of Teaching” series

She looks asks some key questions about the academy’s new found fascination with active learning:

did they truly come away from that class activity with a greater understanding of the impact of the market revolution on rural and urban women’s lives?  Or do they simply remember that it was fun to argue with their classmates, and take a break from taking lecture notes?  Does a fun or memorable activity necessarily lead to deeper learning?  Are these activities sufficiently superior to more traditional classroom learning styles that it justifies devoting not only class time to completing the activities, but also the preparation time required to develop them?  Time that I could be spending on guiding the students’ independent research projects, reading the latest scholarship on the topic, or making progress on those pressing publication deadlines?”

And she puts these questions not just in the context of educational outcomes, but in the context of our increasingly busy schedules as researchers as well as teachers.  And here she makes a particularly important contribution to the conversation.  What distinguishes university professors from other professionals committed to teaching is that teaching represents just one facet of our professional identities.  We are also expected to do original research (not to mention share in the governance of the university) which gives us access to state-of-the-art knowledge, distinct, original (if not idiosyncratic) perspectives, and a depth of knowledge about a field that is not necessarily expected in other teaching professionals. 

Check out Cindy’s blog at Teaching Thursday!  If you have an idea for a blog post either on the New Future of Teaching (and I am looking at you UND faculty!) or anything else for that matter, drop me a line!

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