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Check out "Literature in a Digital Age" if You Are in New Rockford, North Dakota Today!

Here are the details:

“Literature in the Digital Age” with guest Crystal Alberts
Saturday, July 18, at 2:00 p.m. at the Opera House in New Rockford, ND

Is a book on the web still a book? Do hyperlinks change the role of narrative? What is an author if anyone can publish anything whenever they want? These questions frame WHY?’s first episode in front of a live audience. Recorded at the newly renovated opera house in New Rockford, North Dakota, guest Crystal Alberts will crack open “philosophy of literature” to help us investigate our assumptions about literature, reading, and art. An expert in “new media,” we will take the opportunity to ask her the kinds of questions that come up all-too-often in today’s computerized world. What does interactivity do to the experience of reading? How does the urgency of “hipness” compare with the time-tested lessons of the classics? What does the world “classic” mean anyway? Is the feel of paper on your fingers a necessary component of good reading?

Dr. Crystal Alberts holds a Ph.D. in English and American Literature from Washington University in St. Louis and is a visiting professor of English at the University of North Dakota. 

WHY?’s host Jack Weinstein says, “Crystal is representative of the energy and learning that our newer scholars bring with them out of graduate school. She is more aware of the cutting edge than most people I know, and talking with her will be a challenge to my own assumptions, not just the listeners. This will be a lively, exciting, and interactive episode.”

Have a question you want to ask Crystal during the show but can’t be in the audience? Ask it in advance by sending it to: askwhy@und.edu

If you can’t make it, catch the radio broadcast on August 9th on Prairie Public.  For more on the Why? Radio Show click here.

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