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Friday Varia and Quick Hits

I’ve blogged a bunch this week, so I’ll keep my Friday blog short thoughts:

On the Web:

  • I need to update the look of my personal webpage.  It’s really bothering me.
  • I contemplated moving my blog from TypePad to WordPress and perhaps even hosting on some of my server space.  I got a little spooked about this this past week, as my wife’s self-hosted (and unpatched) WordPress blog was hacked and there are rumblings about the University of North Dakota (where my server lives) articulating some better-defined internet policies with particular emphasis on blogs and social media. 
  • That being said, I should at least update the look of my blog.  It’s embarrassing.
  • Remind me again why I ditched my Blackberry for a Samsung Omnia?  Each day something new stops working.  Wednesday was my Gmail, yesterday it lost its link to the folder where my Media files are located, today it can’t seem to find the interwebs either through WiFi or through mobile broadband.  I am not sure whether it works as a phone any longer…

At home:

At play:

  • Make plans to go to the Surf and Song Festival next week if you live in Southeastern Florida!  (Even if you don’t!).  It’ll be a great time with great weather and great music… all for a great cause.


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  1. July 18, 2009 at 2:22 am

    My first Mac was a Mac Mini and since upgrading to an iMac recently I’ve been using the Mini more as an entertainment unit.
    Load up the mini with Boxee, Plex, or CentreStage, or even just use the built-in FrontRow.
    The fact the Mac’s have a remote control makes this so much more viable than a PC with a wireless mouse which I was using as an entertainment unit for the past seven years.
    Not only is there all the online content and what ever you have on the hard drive but of course the Mini also has a DVD drive and so I have never needed to buy a DVD player.
    I say go for it! The MacMini rocks.

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