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Pyla-Koustopetria Final Trench Plans

For those of you who wonder how exactly I contribute to the excavation component of Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project (yes, David and Scott), I present the fruits of my recent labors.  These are the final trench plans from 5 of the 6 trenches.  One is still a work in progress, but with any luck, I’ll put it up when its done (today?).  These plans were produced in ESRI ArcGIS from illustrations produced in the field by the trench teams.  We digitize each plan that our trench supervisors produce and ideally this means that we have a graphic representation of each stratigraphic unit that they excavate.  It’s a time consuming process to digitize each plan, but we now have plans for each trench embedded with dimensions and elevation data and properly placed in relation to one another. 

So while these final plans look simplified (and they are), they actually contain a substantial amount of data in the background.

EU 8

EU 9

EU 10

EU 11

EU 12

EU 13

Oh, and I haven’t forgotten about the final PKAP podcast.  It’s somethin’ else.  I’ll post it soon.

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