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Teaching Graduate Students

Today’s blog is just a link over to the thoughtful comments offered by my colleague Cynthia Prescott on Mentoring Graduate Students.  As I spend more and more of my time this semester reading M.A. Theses, I realize more and more how challenging advising graduate students can be.  She has worked hard this year to engage the graduate students in critical activities outside the seminar and classroom.  These “value added” activities, namely our monthly history workshops, have not only allowed us to model constructive, professional criticism to our students, but also build a sense of community that encourages collective learning.

Prescott’s post also explores the fine line between frank professional advice and nurturing the dreams and aspirations of our sometimes naive graduate students.  The job market for historians is not good these days and our students need to understand that reality.  On the other hand, we have positions so it is possible to move from graduate school to the professional world.

Ok, enough of my summary, go and read it yourself.  (And check back, because there is another post on the way!)

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