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Western Civilization Podcasts

A few people have asked me to make my podcasts for my Western Civilization class more widely available.  So here they are.  They are works in progress!  The first few podcasts used a really poor microphone, so the sound quality is pretty low.  All the later ones were produced with a Blue Snowball Microphone and Garage Band on a MacBook Pro. I convert them all to MP3 format.

I am sure that there are little factual errors and some interpretative inconsistencies here and there throughout the podcasts.  My goal from the start was to create podcasts that supplemented the classroom experience rather than replaced it.

Here are the first 9 podcasts:

1. Introduction to Western Civilization

2. Early Civilization

3. Classical Greece

4. The Hellenistic World

5. The Roman Republic

6. The Roman Empire

7a. Christianity and the Late Roman Empire

7b. Christianity and the Later Roman Empire

8. Late Antiquity, Byzantium, and the Early Middle Ages

I'll post the second half of the class toward the end of the semester (I am still working on post-production special effects).  If you want to follow the class, so to speak, online here's a link to the syllabus

I'm making these podcasts available, in part because I said that I would.  I also have this vague idea that the University of North Dakota should do more to make (or promote) the content of their classes available to folks in the community (they've started to do this with their iTunes U or as they call it on their homepage Itunes U.)  I've been trying to talk to people here into a campaign that promotes our community content.  We could call it "UND for Free". 

Enjoy the podcasts. 

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