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A Rare Saturday Post for a Good Cause

I forgot remind my reading public of the inaugural Why? radio show.  It is produced by the University of North Dakota’s Institute of Philosophy and the Public Life (IPPL)The host of the show is Jack Russell Weinstein, a fellow denizen of Merrifield Hall and professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion.  His first guest will be Clay Jenkins from The Thomas Jefferson Hour (not Clay Aiken, as many had hoped).  The show is a call-in style radio show that seeks to  “create a large-scale conversation between philosophical professionals and the general public”.  I love the idea of philosophical professionals (as opposed to professionals who do not lived reflective lives).  The show will be blogged live at Nancy Devine and even has its own widget.

In any event, the show will be at 5 pm CST on Sunday.  Tune in (via any number of old tech and new tech media!) and if you want to send in a question, here’s the email: askwhy?[at]und[dot]edu.

  1. February 8, 2009 at 11:59 am

    Thanks for mentioning the live blogging today. I hope it goes well.

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