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Working Paper: Towers and Fortifications at Vayia in the Southeast Corinthia

Lest you think that I am all blog and no… publish.  David Pettegrew and I have submitted an article to Hesperia focusing on our work in the Vayia Microregion.  Faithful readers of this blog have seen this article emerge from roughish field notes (see below), to conference paper, to working article suitable for submission.  The goal of the article was to present three new sites in the Corinthia with enough analysis to make them understandable.  We intentionally shied away from too many grandiose conclusions or any broad reaching synthesis in large part because there has been so much synthetic and interpretive work done, recently, on fortified rural sites.  Our effort here was to produce another set of examples of such sites from a region that was typically overlooked in discussions of fortifications in the countryside.  Here’s the abstract:

Although rural towers have long been central to the discussion of the fortified landscapes of Classical and Hellenistic Greece, the Corinthia has rarely played into the conversation, despite the historical significance of ex-urban fortifications for the territory.  In this paper, we report on the recent investigation by the Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey of two towers and associated fortifications in the immediate vicinity of Lychnari Bay in the southeast Corinthia.  By integrating topographic study, intensive survey, and architectural analysis, we argue that these three sites served to protect and guard both an economically productive stretch of the Corinthian countryside and important passes northward to Corinth. 

Here’s a link to a working version of the article.

It was a pleasure working with David Pettegrew on this project.  He is one of the most careful thinkers about the Corinthian countryside (or the ancient countryside more broadly).  I hope that he benefited from my interest in ancient fortifications.  One of my many, ongoing projects is a synthetic article that brings together the recent work on fortifications in the Korinthian countryside and examines the various interlocking and overlapping strategies at play in the highly visible fortifications present in this area.  Finally, it was exciting to write on the results of extensive (rather than intensive survey) and evoke the voice of so many peripatetic scholars whose walks produced informal plans, photographs, and field notes and provided the first links between the ancient and modern Greek landscape.

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