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A Conference on Kourion at the University of Pennsylvania Museum

Rather than a typical Friday quick hit and varia post, here’s a conference dedicated to The University of Pennsylvania’s work at the site of Kourion:

The Ancient Kourion Area: Penn Museum’s Legacy and Recent Research in Cyprus: A Conference Commemorating the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the Museum’s Expedition

March 27-29, 2009




7:00 p.m.          Welcome and opening remarks:

C. Brian Rose, UPMAA Deputy Director and Curator-in-Charge, Mediterranean Section

Ambassador Andreas Kakouris, Republic of Cyprus   

7:15 Keynote: Stuart Swiny, Director, Institute of Cypriot Studies, University at Albany , “The Land of Kuri: How American and Cypriot Archaeologists Revealed the Past of the Island’s Southern Shore”

8:15 – 9:00       Reception



9:00     Welcome          C.Brian Rose

Session I: Hippos and Humans Settle Prehistoric Kourion

9:10     Alan Simmons, University of Nevada Las Vegas – “So, Who Were the First Cypriots?—Perspectives on When and Why People Initially Came to Cyprus”

9:40     Ellen Herscher, Univ. of Pennsylvania Museum – “Between Two Worlds: Phaneromeni and the Transition to the Late Bronze Age”

10:10   Gisela Walberg, University of Cincinnati – “Excavating a Late Bronze Age Major Coastal Urban Center – UPenn and UC at Episkopi Bamboula”

10:40   coffee break


Session II: Late Bronze Age Roots of the Kingdom of Kourion

11:10   Pavlos Flourentzos, Director, Department of Antiquities, Cyprus – “A Contribution to the Topography of Bronze Age Kourion, A New Suggestion”

11:40   Maria Iacovou, University of Cyprus – “Site Location and Status Identification: The Kouris River Valley Regional Authorities in the Late Second and First Millennia B.C.”

12:10   discussion

12:30 – 2:00     lunch break


Session III: Research at Kourion, Past and Present

2:00     Thomas Kiely, British Museum – “Ancient Kourion On-line. The British Museum Excavations of 1895 in Cyberspace”

2:30     Tom Davis, Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute – “An Amateur’s Dream: McFadden at Kourion”

3:00     Nathan Harper, University of Nevada Las Vegas – “Ancient Cypriots in the Kouris River Valley: The University Museum’s Contribution to Physical Anthropology”

3:30     coffee break


Session IV: From City Kingdom to Roman City

3:50     Sabine Fourrier, CNRS Lyon, France – “The Topography of Cult in the Iron Age Kingdom of Kourion”

4:20     Demos Christou, former director, Department of Antiquities, Cyprus – “Excavations of the Cyprus Department of Antiquities at Kourion, 1975-1998”

4:50     Michael Given, University of Glasgow – “Funerary Landscapes at Kourion’s Amathus Gate Cemetery”

5:15 – 5:30       discussion



Session V: The Christian Era

9:00     Benjamin Costello IV, SUNY Buffalo – “The Earthquake House at Kourion: An Analysis of the Material Culture”

9:30     David Rupp, Canadian Institute in Greece – “To Be, or Not To Be. The Limits of Antiochene and Christian Influence on the Floor Mosaics of the Early Fifth Century AD Eustolios Complex at Kourion, Cyprus”

10:00   John Rosser, Boston College – “The Episcopal Basilica at Kourion”

10:30   coffee break

10:50   Marina Solomidou-Ieronymidou, Curator of Antiquities, Department of Antiquities, Cyprus – “The Medieval Sugar-Mills of Episkopi Serayia and Kolossi, and Sugar Production in Medieval Cyprus”

11:20   William Woys Weaver, Drexel University – “The Foods of Kourion through a Medieval Lens: An Ethnographic Analysis”

11:50 – 12:15   discussion and closing remarks

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