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Metadata Monday

I haven’t done a Metadata Monday for a while, so perhaps it is time for a quick metadata update for this blog. 

As I have argued before, metadata is less interesting for the volume of visitors than for the type of visitors.  If we accept the idea that web-reading habits play a role in forming virtual communities on the web, then it worth making the structure of these communities a bit more obvious.

The most common referring blogs to my site are:

1) Buildings, Objects, Situations (Kostis Kourelis)
2) Rogue Classicism
3) Grand Forks Life (I had to beg him to keep a link to my blog on his blog roll! So click through for me to give him some traffic!)
4) Archaeoastronomy (Alun Salt)
5) Thoughts from West Melrose
6) Electric Archaeologist (Shawn Graham)
7) Historical Archaeology in the Ancient Mediterranean (Brandon Olson)
8) Ancient World Bloggers Group
9) Antiquated Vagaries
10) History of the British School at Athens (David Gill)

Since the inception of this blog about a year and a half ago, I’ve had just over 40,000 page views.  In the last year, I’ve had just under 20,000 visits (almost 30,000 page views).  The average time on the site over the last year has been 1:13. 

The top 10 countries with readers of my blog:

1) US
2) Greece
3) UK
4) Canada
5) Italy
6) Australia
7) Germany
8) Cyprus
9) France
10) Turkey

The top 10 states:

1) California
2) Pennsylvania
3) Minnesota
4) New York
5) North Dakota
6) Ohio
7) Illinois
8) Florida
9) Texas
10) New Jersey

And for Sam Fee and my wife , the top browser by just over 1% is Firefox:

1) Firefox (43.67%)
2) Explorer (42.66%)
3) Safari (8.10%)
4) Opera (2.93%)
5) Chrome (1.38%)

The top OS:

1) Windows (80.60%)
2) Mac (18.08%)
3) Linux (0.98%)
4) iPhone (0.08%)
5) iPod (0.05%)

I have no idea what this means in a cosmic sense, except that it provides an interesting overview of my readers.

Thanks for reading! 

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