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Dream Archaeology: Working Paper

I’m off to Fargo to give my talk on Dream Archaeology.  It is supposed to be Skype-cast to some remote locations (like Jamestown!) and maybe recorded for a podcast.  If we make a podcast, I’ll post it here next week.

In the meantime, a good, old-fashion paper copy will have to suffice:

Dreams, Excavation, and the Archaeology of Christian Greece

William R. Caraher
University of North Dakota

Delivered November 14, 2008
North Dakota State University
Fargo, North Dakota

Scholars rarely regard dreams as playing a key role in serious archaeological inquiry.  This attitude, however, is a particular characteristic of modern, western archaeological practice.  From antiquity until recent times dreams have occupied an important place in the archaeological imagination of the Eastern Mediterranean.  The Christianization of the Mediterranean during Late Antiquity made room for Dreams within the emerging Christian discourse, and Dreams play an important role in archaeological practices common to the Byzantine Empire.  This paper will extend a discussion of Dream Archaeology later still into the context of 19th and 20th century Greece where an archaeology of dreaming has contributed to the production of national religious landscapes on the local level… (read more)

Since Dream Archaeology will go onto the back-burner for a couple months after this weekend and I don’t want anyone to experience withdraw, here’s a full index of my work on Dream Archaeology:

Dream Archaeology in the Early Christian West
Blindness, Dreams, and Relics
More Dreams, Religion, and Archaeology
More Byzantine Dreams…
Dreams, Pausanias, and Archaeology
Dreams, Inventio, and Archaeology

As always, have a good weekend!

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