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PKAP PodCasts from the Museum Team

The busiest time of the season is upon us: the last day in the field is today, we are preparing our final report to the Department of Antiquities and our paper for the annual CAARI conference.  And work in the museum is reaching its conclusion … so a few quick podcasts from the PKAP team at the Larnaka Museum…

Voices of Archaeology Podcasts

1. Introduction to PKAP. coming soon
2. The Mundane Matter of Sustenance podcasticon_thumb1_thumb2
3. Excavations on Vigla: Week One podcasticon_thumb1_thumb2[4]
4. Excavations on Vigla: Week Two podcasticon_thumb1_thumb2[6]
5. A Saturday Morning on Bronze Age Kokkinokremos podcasticon_thumb1_thumb2[6]
6. The Ceramicist at the Museum podcasticon_thumb1_thumb2[6]
7. An Afternoon with the Registrar podcasticon_thumb1_thumb2[6]

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