Trench Plans

ViglaWestSchematicI am working on preparing conceptual and schematic illustrations of our trenches.  This involves digitizing them with elevations in our GIS program so that they can be properly located on our new 1 m topographic maps of Vigla and Kokkinokremos.

To the left is Brandon Olson’s trench from Vigla divided into the stratigraphic units that have associated top plans.  In some ways these graphics are meaningless from an analytical perspectives (it assumes, for example, that all the features in the unit can be “sectioned” to one elevation).  It does, however, provide an easy template for understanding the relationship between strata of soil, features, and in some cases the locations of finds (each of which have a designated elevation that could be plotted within the trench schema). 

Each trench requires this level of documentation which will hopefully assist our efforts to explain our excavation to students and colleagues in the US.  Moreover, it may help us to discover correlations between trenches at various places across the site.  

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