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What is it exactly that I do all day?

My big project this season has had almost nothing to do with excavation, museum work, or any of those things traditionally associated with archaeology.  Aside from the basic tasks associated with running a small archaeological project, my day has largely been occupied with producing a new high-resolution topographical map of our site.  The impetus behind this came two years ago when one of our Bronze Age experts noted that the 1:5000 topographical map of the height of Kokkinokremos was not terribly accurate.  As we began to study our area more close we noted more and more little inaccuracies in our rather large scale maps.  As a result this season we decided to remap the most important features in our micro-region (the height of Vigla, Koutsopetria, and Kokkinokremos) with our differential GPS. 

This is a painstaking process that involves taking thousands of individual points with GPS.  Bret Weber (our camp manager!) and I have wandered the micro-region for 4 or 5 hours a day taking points ever 10 m or so across every kind of terrain from coastal plains to almost shear slopes of cliffs.  This week we began to process the elevation data in our desktop GIS software and have some of our first enhances topographical maps.  We now have maps that have sub-1 m accuracy for much of Vigla and Koutsopetria complete and we are 60% of the way through producing our map of Kokkinokremos.  Below is our new map of Vigla and Koutsopetria with 1 meter contours…


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