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PKAP Podcast 2: The Substance of Sustenance

Archaeological fieldwork is more than simply our time in the field or at the museum.  Part of the appeal of archaeological work is the comradery that it produces as a group of scholars and students from different backgrounds, disciplines, and countries come together working toward a (more or less) common goal. 

Meals, in particular, become an engaging and intellectually productive time, but certain guidelines must be observed!  In our second PKAP Podcast Bret Weber, our camp manager, regular contributor to the PKAP Staff blog, and a specialist in US Social Policy History, lays down the basic procedure for keeping “camp” life happy and healthy during our field season.

Voices of Archaeology Podcasts

1. Introduction to PKAP. coming soon
2. The Mundane Matter of Sustenance
3. Excavations on Vigla: Week One    podcasticon_thumb1

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