Big Week at the Gennadius

Quick Saturday blog post just because there is so much activity at the Gennadius Library this week.  If you can’t find something here that interests you, you just aren’t interested in Greece!

On Monday, May 5, Sinan Kuneralp will lecture on “From Baghdad to Berlin: the itinerary of Yanko Bey Aristarchi, a 19th – century Ottoman diplomat of Greek origin”. The lecture will be held at 7:00 pm in Cotsen Hall. The lecture will be in English – a summary in Greek will be available.

On Tuesday, May 6, Professor Cyril Mango will deliver the 27th annual Walton lecture at 7:00pm in Cotsen Hall. The topic of his lecture is “Imagining
Constantinople” (in English).

On Wednesday, May 7, has been scheduled a symposium in honor of Prof. Mango’s 80th birthday. Here’s the program.

image On Thursday, May 8: “Cavafy’s Memory. 75 years from his death” events:  Tour of the Cavafy exhibition (Gennadius Library, 7:00 pm)

Book presentation of “C. P. CAVAFY – THE COLLECTED POEMS”, a translation by Evangelos Sachperoglou under the aegis of the British School at Athens; followed by recitation of Cavafy’s poems in English and Greek by British actress Claire Bloom and Greek actor Kostas Kastanas (Cotsen Hall, 8:00 pm).

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