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Metadata Milestones

I have now officially been blogging for a year.  Originally I had planned to do this lengthy retrospective on my experiences blogging, the development of a blogging identity, and my plans for the future, but I ran out of time and it sounds like a lazy weekend job rather than something that I do during a hectic week. 

So for the time being I will put together some interesting metadata.image

Total Posts: 205
Total Comments: 106
Total Words: (est) 120,000

Total Page Views: 18,362
Total Blog Views: (est.) 11,300
Absolute Unique Visitors: (est.) 5,200
Average Views per Day: 50
Average Time on Site: 1:40

Hits from 100 countries and every state.

Top 10 Countries:Blog_Hit_Map copy

1. United States
2. Greece
3. United Kingdom
4. Canada
5. Italy
6. Australia
7. Denmark
8. Germany
9. France
10. Turkey

Top 10 States:

1. Pennsylvania
2. California
3. New York
4. Minnesota
5. Ohio
6. Florida
7. North Dakota
8. Illinois
9. Michigan
10. South Carolina

Top Referrers:

1. archaeology.org
2. und.nodak.edu (the University of North Dakota‘s domain)
3. chss.iup.edu  (Indiana University of Pennsylvania‘s domain)
4. iconoclasm.dk
5. hnn.us
6. grandforkslife.blogspot.com
7. pkap.org
8. ancientworldbloggers.blogspot.com
9. archaeoastronomy.wordpress.com
10. electricarchaeologist.wordpress.com
11. atrium-media.com
12. ascsa.edu.gr

Browser Breakdown (for my wife!):

1. Internet Explorer (46%)
2. Firefox (41%)
3. Safari (9%)
4. Opera (2%)
5. Mozilla (1%)
6. Camino (<1%) – and you know who you are!
7. Konqueror (<1%)

Most Popular Posts:

1. Real Snow in Athens
2. Blogging Archaeology or the Archaeology of Blogging: Metablogging the Ancient World
3. Blogging Archaeology or the Archaeology of Blogging: Metablogging the Ancient World Part 2
4. Emerging Cypriot: An Archaeological Documentary
5. A Walk through Byzantine Athens
6. The Byzantine and Christian Museum
7. Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey on the Web
8. Snow in Athens
9. Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project in Second Life
10. Blogging Archaeology or the Archaeology of Blogging: Metablogging the Ancient World Part 3

Thanks for reading this year!  And, as always, stay tuned for more…

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