Emerging Cypriot is now Live

PatrowCamera PatrowVisual, Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and the University of North Dakota are proud to introduce Joe Patrow’s newest documentary film project entitled Emerging Cypriot

The first installment called, “Landscape Montage”, is the longest (8 min) and only one without dialogue.  It focuses on the landscape of the site of Pyla-Koutsopetria which despite its small area represents a wide range of uses and landforms ranging from coastal plains to abrupt cliffs and ravines.  Joe Patrow’s camera work presents the landscape montage from a human perspective by keeping the activities of the archaeologist at the center of the frame.  This montage of scenes featuring field walking, a survey of the ridge line below the Kokkinokremos ridge, geophysical fieldwork and we feel this active montage is superior to the panoramic photos sometimes used to show landscape because our video montage keeps the archaeologists in the picture and uses them to frame the landscape itself. 

We plan to release a new documentary short just about every week, so stay tuned to emergence of Emerging Cypriot.

To view the documentary you will need the newest version of Quicktime and it’s best viewed from a broadband connect.  It is formatted for easy upload to your iPod or iPhone.  We should have other formats up soon.

For an interview with the director on this project, click here.  For Joe Patrow’s first documentary check out the University of North Dakotas iTunes store for Survey on Cyprus or watch it on the web here.

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