More Springtime for Byzantium

A couple of weeks ago I noted the recent flurry of books well-suited for teaching Byzantine History.  It was quite a surprise when one of the first “podcast celebrities” turned out to be a high school teaching lecturing on Byzantium.  Lars Brownworth’s has produced a series of podcasts focused on the Byzantine Emperors which he used to structure his history of Byzantium (a la Psellos).  Brownworth is now working on a book for Crown Publishing that will cover the all of Byzantine History. 

Freedman, Samuel G. “History Teacher Becomes Podcast Celebrity.” The New York Times, January 31, 2007.

Brownworth, Lars. “12 Byzantine Rulers: The History of The Byzantine Empire –”

I’ve begun to collect syllabi on Byzantine Studies available on the internet (using Zotero, of course!).  The list is pretty undisciplined (I included some Late Antiquity syllabi, but did not explicitly search for them) and was created using CHNM Syllabi Finder and Google.  Additional syllabi are likely “hidden” behind webct passwords (like R. Scott Moore’s).  Some you’ll note derive from archives and I can imagine that any of these URLs are particularly stable.

Abrahamse, Dorothy. “The Byzantine Empire.”

Alexakis, Alexander. “BYZANTIUM: Alexakis – ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY [Syllabus, Spring 1995].”

Angelov, Dimiter. “Byzantine Civilization (History 442).”

Caraher, William. “Byzantine Civilization.”

Drake, Hal, and Michelle Salzman. “History 222 Syllabus: Late Antiquity.”

Gregory, Timothy. “History 505.01: Early Byzantine Empire, A.D. 330-843.”

Gregory, Timothy. “History 505.02: The Later Byzantine Empire.”

Gregory, Timothy. “HISTORY 603: The Later Roman Empire AD 180-476.”

Gregory, Timothy. “History 709: Methods in Ancient History: Late Antiquity and Byzantium.”

Gregory, Timothy. “The Later Byzantine Empire (Timothy Gregory).” (an older version of 505.02)

Hall, Linda. “History 383.01: History of the Byzantine Empire.”

Hall, Linda. “History 435.01: The World of Late Antiqutity: From Constantine to Justinian.”

Harl , Kenneth. “History/Medieval Studies 303: Early Medieval and Byzantine Civilization.”

Havice, Christine. “Spring 2001 eSyllabusA-H 322 Byzantine Art and Civilization.”

Ivanov, Serguey. “Byzantine History.”

Ramseyer, Valerie. “Hist 305 – Valerie Ramseyer, Wellesley History Department.”

Rapp, Claudia. “Various Byzantine Syllabi.”

Stephenson , Paul. “Early Medieval Europe, 300-1000: 2004 Syllabus.”

Stephenson , Paul. “History 313 Syllabus 2005.”

Stevenson, Walt. “History 223 Syllabus, Roman Imperial History 2004.”

Zanemonets, Alexander. “Byzantine Literature.”

–, “Early Christian and Byzantine Art.”

  1. Kathleen M. Quinn
    March 27, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    Might I suggest a few additions to your most excellent Byzantine syllabi list? (Scroll down to his syllabi which are downloadable as PDFs.)

  2. March 28, 2008 at 4:55 am

    Thanks for the updates!

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