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Travels in the Hinterland

Susie and I drove from our base of Australian operations, Beerwah, Queensland, into the hinterland, particularly the South Burnett region.  Our destination was the largest vineyard in Queensland, Clovely Estates.  The countryside was dotted with Southern Cross windmills and their accompanying water tanks.  The region has suffered from the decade long drought, but during our visit there had been almost three weeks of intermittent rain.  Cattle grazed the muddy banks of filled dams and billabongs.


We passed through the numerous small agricultural communities of the South Burnett region like Murgon, Wondai, Yarraman, and Blackbutt.   While the small, simple churches in these towns caught my eye, the large, elaborate pubs drew far more of my attention.  (Unlike in North Dakota where each small town has a number of small storefront bars) Australian towns typically have a single large pub often built around the turn of the century in Australian Colonial style.

Blackbutt Pub

Wondai Pub

Yarraman Pub

Typical small town grocery stores evoke the small markets in North Dakota as well as in any number of Greek villages filled with non-perishable, dry foods and only a smattering of fresh produce.


Once at Clovely Estate — outside of the town of Murgon — we stayed in restored “Queenslander” style house amidst vineyards heavy with grapes which will be harvested within the week.  Queenslanders are surrounded by verandas and designed to capture the cooling winds and funnel them through the house.


The daily rains curtailed our outside activities, but provided us with some great sunsets.


This is the last of my self-indulgent meditations on Australian landscapes. I return to Athens tomorrow and will return to more Mediterranean themes next week.

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