100 Posts

Just some quick metadata after 100 posts.

The average length of a blog is just under 400 words (I’ve written about 39,000 words since the blog’s inception).

Unique Page Views: 4575
Average per Day: 20.58


I’ve been monitoring the site using Google Analytics since the beginning of November.  It allows me to talk some about where my views come from.  I have had hits from over 30 countries (with particular volume from the US, Denmark (thanks to Iconoclasm), the UK, and Canada).  One hit from South America (Argentina) and none so far from Africa.  I get regular visitors from India, China, Singapore, and, of course, Australia. Over 30 states are represented with most hits from Minnesota (apparently UND‘s IP Addresses run through East Grand Forks), Pennsylvania,  California, Ohio and New York.  Strangely no hits from Delaware yet (that’s where I grew up!). 


The upward trend is largely the product of links or references on several high volume blogs (especially Grand Forks Life, Electric Archaeologist, the Blegen library, and Iconoclasm) which went up in Early October.  Moreover, as my blog grows it picks up more Google hits.

Browsers are more or less evenly split between Internet Explorer and Firefox with just a few hits from Safari.  I think I am responsible for all the hits from Opera (I experimented with it for a few weeks last month).

Thanks for reading!  I had planned a long(ish) article tentatively entitled: “MetaBlogging Archaeology: Blogging Archaeology and the Archaeology of Blogging” to celebrate my 100th post, but it’s not done yet.  I think I’ll put it up to celebrate my 5,000th unique view.

  1. November 25, 2007 at 7:31 am

    Let this be your first hit from Delaware. Cheers!

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