Grand Forks from afar…

Grand Forks Historic Preservation Commission Web Site

The Grand Fork’s Life Guy has pointed out that the Grand Forks Historic Preservation Commission has a new web site.  It’s just a start, but any place that puts draws attention to the significant buildings in the Grand Forks community works to ensure their preservation.  The more people know about and appreciate these buildings, the more they will feel an attachment to them. 

Our humble abode is in the Near Southside Historic District, and we have several important buildings within walking distance including the spectacular Joseph Bell DeRemer (and son)’s United Lutheran Church.


More on Institutional History

Since its been raining in Athens, my wife and I have begun work on the History of The Graduate School at UND.  Our plan is to make our history encompass graduate education more broadly at the University.  Our tentative outline looks like this:

1. The Early Years: Graduate Education from 1894-1927
2. The Graduate Division and Joseph V. Breitwieser: 1927-1950
3. The Graduate School and Dean Hamre: 1950-1970
4. Growth and Development in the 1970s and 1980s
5. Current Directions: The Graduate School at the New Century

  1. November 7, 2007 at 12:16 pm

    I enjoyed checking out your blog. I’m a recent grad in Silicon Valley, and I’ve just started a company that is mapping the blogosphere to our world. Here is an example of a blogger in Georgia who’s plugged in: It can be fun to explore different localities.
    It’s an easy process to get on board, and I can be reached at for questions or feedback. If you resonate with the vision of painting a global canvas of voices, please give VerveEarth a mention.
    Cheers! –Clayton

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