Harvest Time

Susie and I drove up to Delphi to meet up with the Regular Members.  From Delphi we headed south through Distomo and Stiri (with a stop at Hosios Loukas) and then on to the mountain village of Ayia Anna before descending onto the Western Boeotia plains at Thivi.

It’s harvest time in Greece.  Living in North Dakota has made me far more attentive to season agricultural practices.  The beet trucks rumbling through Grand Forks are as clear a sign of fall as the football, the changing colors of the trees, and the first Christmas decorations.

Around Thebes, the signs of the cotton harvest were everywhere.


As we curled through the mountains south of Stiri, the olive harvest had begun.


The most unusual harvest, however, evoked North Dakota as clearly as any other.  Wind farms gleaned their harvest from the windy peaks of the mountains south Ayia Anna.  The low hanging clouds created particularly dramatic conditions to view these  odd complements to the deserted hillsides.



  1. Brian Baier
    November 5, 2007 at 8:30 am

    Man, I love that you’re posting everyday photos and commenting on them with some lucidity. Keep sharing the “mundane” details of life around you. They are more rare to foreign eyes than all the unique, but well-known, attractions.

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