Oxford Centre for Late Antiquity

Peter Brown gave the opening address at the new Oxford Centre for Late Antiquity earlier this fall, and the address is available (It continues in the reflexive tone that has become common in his works since the turn of the century celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the “Holy Man” and The World of Late Antiquity, which is not to say that he doesn’t make some interesting observations).  The OCLA also has listed its seminars and events and projects both which provide a nice overview of some of the important discussions in the field today.  The shear number of folks who have an interest in Late Antiquity at Oxford is staggering.  This must surely mean that Late Antiquity has arrived as a serious and central sub-field in study of the ancient world.

It’s interesting that this year there are three senior folks here at the American School who work on Late Antiquity (Guy Sanders (Director of the Corinth Excavations), Tim Gregory (who was my advisor at Ohio State), and me), but by my reckoning only one student, Amelia Brown, an Associate Member working on Late Antiquity at Corinth and Thessaloniki.  While one year is not necessarily a representative sample of any academic cohort, it is a bit odd that there are not more students who are working on Late Antiquity at the American School, particularly among the Regular Members.  The reasons for this are a bit hazy to me.  It could be that students of Late Antiquity tend to eschew narrow regional focuses, so are not attracted to the regular program at the American School which is unapologetically regional in scope.  It might also be that the study of Late Antique Greece is relatively underdeveloped in the U.S. and does not appear to be a priority at the Schools traditionally represented at the American School.  Or it could just be an one year aberration. 

Six of the 24 jobs listed on H-Net in Ancient History specifically encourage folks with an interest in Late Antiquity to apply. 

  1. Chuck Jones
    October 30, 2007 at 9:58 am

    There are some others interested in late antiquity here: Matthew Baumann, Krysztof Domzalski, Bogdan Maleon, for instance.

  2. Bill C
    October 31, 2007 at 1:33 am

    Thanks! I had a feeling when I wrote that that I was forgetting some folks. It is still interesting, however, that only one of that number is a regular member (and moreover, my impression is that Matt is not going to work on Late Antiquity for his dissertation). In any event, thanks for the correction.

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