Trip 2: Aegeira, Patras, Chlemoutsi

The north coast of the Peloponnesus is filled with remarkable sites.  I visited just three of them over the last week.  First, we stopped at the largely Hellenistic site of Aegeira, an important city in the Achaean League.  I has an impressive acropolis with amazing views of the coast as well as a well preserved theater.


Further west, we  explored some of the Roman remains from Patras.  Patras is the third largest city in Greece and filled with a array of Roman period ruins, including a well preserved Roman bridge


The final stop of the day was the 13th century Frankish site of the Chlemoutsi.  This imposing castle guarded the Elian plain and despite its centuries of Post-Frankish use, it retains many of the basic features of Frankish period.  Note that the wall lack battering characteristic of the gun powder age (and Venetian and Ottoman period fortifications).


We then headed on to Olympia and the fire ravaged hills of eastern Elis…

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