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The Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project’s New Website

PKAP has unveiled its new website (it’s still in beta).  It should be easier to navigate and includes out 2007 final report.  It will also include soon an updated interactive survey map and the text of our most recent conference papers (AIA 2007, CAARI Workshop 2007, and BSC 2007).  There is some new news and notes — particularly a nice article on PKAP’s work with the Robert E. Cook Honor’s College at IUP.  The article includes a podcast from our very own R. Scott Moore!Not to be outdone, we’ve also put up some podcasts (they are not linked to the main site yet!) here.  We are clearly still playing with how to integrate multimedia into our site, but it’s getting there.


In other PKAP news, fall is grant writing time.  We are particularly concerned with finding money to fund our proposed, small scale excavation campaign in 2008.  We will ask permission to put in several small soundings to confirm the results of our 2007 geophysical survey particular on Vigla and the Kokkinokremos.  Since the two areas represent two different periods of occupation (Late Antiquity and the Late Bronze Age) we will request money from funding bodies with two very different periods of emphasis.  Fortunately, the more fieldwork we do at the more that our research goals for the two areas converge.  The fact that both areas now appear to be fortified further encourages parallel readings of the landscape. 

In the meantime we are completing a contribution to the Near Eastern Archaeology in a volume exploring American archaeology on Cyprus and dedicated to the late Danielle Parks.  We will also present a paper entitled “Across Larnaka Bay: Recent Investigations of a Late Antique Harbor Town in Southeast Cyprus” at the Byzantine Studies Conference in October.

We’ll keep all of our interested “stake holders” appraised of these developments as they, er, develop.

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