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Fires in Athens

Over the last four days or so the afternoon sky over Athens has turned burnt orange with the smoke of fires, both local on the slopes of Hymmetos and more distant on the island of Evia.  People have probably seen the amazing satellite photo:



The loss of life in the Northwestern Peloponnesus has been tragic.  It’s hard to understand these kinds of fires.  Are these fires a natural means of regenerating the Mediterranean landscape?  Or are they the product of over development, mismanagement, and environmental degradation?  It is interesting that this summer in the U.S. fires have been allowed to burn longer in Idaho and Wyoming to help manage forest and prevent larger fires in the future.  Let’s hope that the fires of 2007 don’t happen again any time soon…

UPDATE (1 September 2007)

If you want to know the real story of the fires, you need to listen to a news-podcast in Classical Latin (from YLE Radio 1 in Finland)…

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