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Pettegrews on the Way

The Pettegrews (David and Kate) of south-central PA will be among the last to arrive in Larnaka this year.  Graduation day here at Messiah College is tomorrow, a few final meetings remain, I have to turn in grades, and then we fly out on Tuesday.  We are really excited to get to Cyprus, meet the new project members, and get to work–especially after reading Bill’s recent posts about the rewarding results of the geophysical survey!  More monumental architecture??  Well,…that is the reason for conducting geophysical prospection, isn’t it?  Geophysical work introduces an entirely new kind of data and allows for a more comprehensive assessment of the site.  While the rest of the team begins preliminary work in Larnaka, we Pettegrews are entering last-minute panic mode, getting everything in order before our 7 week stay in the Mediterranean.  My main goal before departure Tuesday is to finish a conference paper that I’m to present in Athens, Greece, in mid-June.  One thing I have discovered (or,…err…learned) about working on archaeological projects in the Mediterranean: there is very little time during a field season for writing papers!!  The long days and the hot sun sap your every bit of strength and the last thing you want to do at the end of a day is intellectual work!  And have you ever thought about how incredibly expensive archaeology in the Mediterranean is?  Simply getting to Cyprus costs at least $1000 (usually more), and living there for 3 weeks costs well over $1000.  Point is that since we pay so much to be there, we absolutely have to maximize our time in doing fieldwork.  So when Kate and I arrive next week, we plan to hit the ground running, after a good night’s sleep, of course, and a cup of Nescafe.  And in the meantime, I’d better finish that conference paper.

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