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My name is Susan Caraher and I am the Marketing and External Relations Specialist in The Graduate School at the University of North Dakota.  I am also an archaeologist and welcome opportunities such as this project to get my hands dirty.  Bill and I met doing a similar survey project in Greece, and this is my second season with PKAP.  In 2005, I joined the team to do fieldwork and artifact processing which kept me entertained, busy, and constantly learning for about 5 weeks.  Now that I am back with a year’s work in between my visits, I am trying to bring myself up to speed quickly.  Scott Moore and I did a pre-lab season reconnaissance to the Larnaka District Museum’s lab where we store our artifacts and conduct our processing of all materials collected from the field.  This year’s goals will be towork through the cataloguing of artifacts — photographing, illustrating, describing and recording every possible detail.  It also means having to know where all artifacts (over 10,000!) are at any given time, to ensure that those that reach the final report have been through the entire registration process as well as assisting students with lab work — most of whom are new to archaeology.  I hope to spend a good deal of time in the field once our daily work at the museum is done.  This year’s season is really shaping up to be an interesting one with many opportunities for learning and discovery.  Beside the archaeology, Cyprus is such a fascinating place…

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