Day 1 in Cyprus

My wife Susie and I arrived on the island late last night and began work early this morning.  The first thing that we did was visit the museum to have a working coffee with the local technical director of the Larnaka District Archaeological Museum, Marinos Avraam.  His team of archaeologists provide us with space to work on our material and, more importantly, a collegial and supportive atmosphere in Larnaka.  They have seen nearly ever inch of the Larnaka District and know the archaeology better than anyone.  We made arrangements to collect some equipment that we stored in the museum (including our plates and pans and little electric grill!) tomorrow once some more of our team had arrived.

We then made contact with the team from the University of Edinburgh who had been working on our site for the past two weeks.  But first, we had to sign in (and avoid another coffee) with the Dhekelia Cantonment Range Officer, Kostas, who makes sure that we are not accidentally blown up while working around the British Army’s live firing ranges.  Michael Brown and Matt Dalton had just completed doing geophysical work on Kokkinokremos and had moved on to Vigla.  They were impressed by the quality and quantity of Classical material (BC 500  – BC 330) on this impressive coastal height.


We chatted with them and planned some fieldwork for the next week.  The main issue so far has been the weather.  it rained buckets over the past weekend and this made it difficult for them to stay on their schedule.  Moreover, it means that the farmer who cultivates the fields below Vigla where we hope to do more geophysical work was unable to harvest his barley.  Doing geophysical work there will damage his crop as we will walk all over it.  We are already making arrangements to buy several 100 x 20 m areas of barley so that we can try to continue our work on schedule without effecting the farmers profits!  (Grant agencies love things like receipts for “I hectare of barley”).

Scott Moore and two of his students showed up late this afternoon.  (As I write this at about 6 pm, I am dragging!).  They are getting settled in their rooms giving me a chance to slip out to the local Starbucks, buy some wireless internet time, and compose this blog.

The rest of the week looks every bit as hectic as today, but there will be time for updates!

  1. Daniel Sauerwein
    May 16, 2007 at 2:13 am

    Have a safe time over in Cyprus. I know you’ll have lots of fun and have plenty to tell us all later this summer. Nice blog by the way. Good hunting.

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