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T-4 Days and Counting

Final preparations for this year’s PKAP season are now underway.  We got word this past Friday that we received a grant from the Vice President of Research at the University of North Dakota.

This grant will assure that we run in the black this year (or at least not in the red!).  More importantly, it will allow us to fund Sarah Lepinski.  Sarah is a wall painting specialist finishing her disseration at Bryn Mawr College.  In 2005 she began to analyze the painted plaster and molded gypsum from Maria Hadjicosti’s excavation.  To meet Sarah check out this clip from the documentary “Survey on Cyprus”.  She will show up at the end of May and stay for two weeks.  Since we got word on the grant only at the last minute the logistics of her visit have been a bit frantic.

The other adventure this time of year is grading (and in the case of the graduate students, the taking) of final exams.   I give my Byzantine Civilization final today, and it will need to be graded and recorded by Saturday. 

We fly to Cyprus on Sunday morning!

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