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PKAP picks up the pace

This time of you almost everything begins to happen at once for PKAP.  We have received word on almost all of our grants.  We have our flights arranged and are making only last minute tweaks to all our logistical arrangements.  We have boxes of supplies ordered for transport.  Almost everything is ready for the U.S.-based contingent to make their way to Cyprus.

This year, however, part of the PKAP Team has begun fieldwork already.  Over the past year, we have forged a collaboration Michael Brown at the University of Edinburgh.  He is conducting geophysical investigations at the site of Pyla-Kokkinokremos.  Geophysical investigation is a broad terms for techniques that archaeologists use to map subsurface features without excavating.  Brown and his team are employing a technique called electrical resistivity which measures the resistance in the soil map subsurface features.  The plans produced by resistivity can be pretty good and indicate the presence of features ranging from walls and to pits and ditches where walls might have once stood. 

Pyla-Kokkinokremos is a major Late Bronze Age site part of which V. Karageorghis and M. Demas excavated by in the 1980s (you can see the little group of excavated buildings on the plan below). It is located on the plateau immediately to the north of Pyla-Koutsopetria overlooking our proposed infilled embayment.  In May, a PKAP team will conduct a gridded collection on the plateau which will complement the data collected by Brown’s geophysical work to give us a better understanding of the extent and nature of Bronze Age settlement at the nearest neighbor to our site.

 Plan after Karageorghis and Demas (1984)

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