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PKAP Season Preparations Continue

Each spring at around this time, the PKAP senior staff begins to frantically order supplies for the up-coming season.  While some, if not all of these supplies could be acquired in Cyprus, most of them cannot be had without a loss of productive time or a trip outside the friendly and convenient confines of Larnaka.  Larnaka is our base of operations.  As the third largest city on Cyprus it has much of what you would expect a Mediterranean city to have, but like most mid-sized cities the world over it will not have everything that a well supplied archaeological project needs.  So, every year we bring basic supplies to the island…

Just for fun, here is our supply list:

For the lab:

Pens to label pottery:

ILL Gel Streak Pen Qty : 2  
Sennelier India Ink Qty : 2  (30ml)
Speedball Dip Nibs Qty : 3  
Speedball Dip Nibs Qty : 5  
Speedball Dip Nibs Qty : 5  
Speedball Pen Holder Qty : 3  

To keep the label on the artifacts:

Paraloid B-72 Lacquer: Clear  Qty: 4 (1.25 oz) (Paraloid to label artifacts.)
Paraloid B-72 Lacquer: Opaque (white) Qty : 4 (1.25 oz)

For artifact collection and storage: (At some point I will tell the famous “Dave Pettegrew Tiny Bag Story”)

6 “x 9”, 4 Mil White Block Reclosable Bags Qty : 300
4″ x 6″, 4 Mil White Block Reclosable Bags Qty : 200
9″ x 12″, 4 Mil White Block Reclosable Bags Qty : 1000

Each year we begin with enough adaptors, by the end of the season severl have stopped working and several are lost:

Grounded US to UK adapter plug Qty : 10


For the field:

These are for the fieldwalkers:  (It helps them keep their bearings!!)

Compass – Silva Starter Type 1-2-3  Qty : 12  

We use these “clickers” to count pottery in the field.  We almost always have enough at the start of the season, but by the end of the season we are always two or three short short:

Hand Tally Counters Qty : 20

Some borrowed surveying gear:

Laser Range Finder Qty: 2

Topcon Theodolite Qty : 1

Trimble GeoXT Qty : 1


For the documentary:

Video Tapes Qty : 30
Azden Dual Channel Camera Mount Wireless Microphone System Qty : 1
One back-up Azden EX 503 wireless microphone Qty : 1
Gitzo fishpole for shogun mic Qty : 1
Gitzo shutgun mount for mic Qty : 1
(2) 50′  XLR audio cables Qty : 2
Batteries AAA Qty : 10
Batteries AA Qty : 10
9v battery Qty : 30
Canon XLS1 View Finder Qty : 1
Wireless microphone accessory kit Qty : 1
Headphones Qty : 1


I’m off the Bismarck tomorrow to speak at the North Dakota Archaeological Association meeting.  More introductions next week as well as a discussion of how we pay for all the gear and how it actually makes it way to Cyprus!

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